Invisibility and time traveling

I remember the first day I accidentally met myself for the first time. I found myself wandering in the 1988, the year I was born as an eldest daughter of a young couple. My parents named me Pamela, a nickname I find so cuddly.

I lingered in that timeline for a while, watching and smiling at my adorable toddler self, who was giggling and enjoying bath-time with my loving grandma. I wondered if my self saw me that day, too. I wondered if she at least felt I was there and watching over her.

I wondered if she heard me when I introduced myself to her before I left, “Hey, Pamela! I’m Sophia. Please remember our name. I’ll definitely see you again.”

I thought maybe she knew I was talking to her because she smiled at me and she said something in response, I couldn’t understand it and grandma couldn’t either.

I left 1988 with a promise that I will keep coming back.


Dear 26-Year-Old Armie, 

You just read the prologue of a story I’m writing during my free time. It’s basically about a girl living a multi-dimensional life. In the course of her journey to understanding herself and the Beings inside of her, she meets four other versions of herself, one of them is a time-traveler who has an invisibility power.

I’m sharing this with you because I found out today the topics you would have wanted to write back in 2014. One of your topics was invisibility and time traveling. I wonder why you wanted to write about it.

I’m not sure how this story with a running title, The Five of Me, will go and when I would be able to finish it but I’ll keep writing. Who knows, I might end up writing a book that will also be read by many. Exciting thought, isn’t it? We’ll see!

I have reread some of the letters you wrote for me and I’m happy that you and our younger self have written them. It makes my heart sing every time I’m reminded how blessed I am to have an amazing younger self, someone who is forever young at heart but wiser than her years.

I am reaping the fruit if your hard work now and I’m living a blissful life. You never had things easy, my love, but you never gave up on us.  Thank you! Now, some things are still tough in this three-dimensional world we are living in but Daddy God’s abundance and grace are overwhelming.

In your future, my present, we are in touch with our Soul and with the positive energies of the Universe. I’m yet to learn a lot of things about our spirituality journey, my dearest, but I know that we’re taking the path that was meant for us.

You may not realize it now in your present but you knew what we were meant to do, our soul purpose, all along. Until you figure it out years later, be happy and continue to spark joys among the people around you.

So much love,
Your 30-year-old Self,

The Letter Sender

Crazy and beautiful. <3

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